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Why this Blog?

In Uncategorized on April 13, 2010 at 8:18 am

Hello random reader,

Someone said “there is scope for infinite refinement”. This blog is my attempt at refinement. I did have a blog before but I never felt blogging very satisfying. I never felt a strong urge to share my feelings online via a blog. I just did it for the purpose of having a blog…because others did it. But now, even though there is not such a great change in my life or perspective I have again ventured into blogging. Why? As I said before – Refinement.

I am a very lazy person. I do not commit myself to anything easily. Right now these are the qualities in me that I want to change. To do this I have taken up blogging. Sitting down and typing something is a very hard thing to do for a person like me. So my first objective is to put up at least one post every two days. This I think will help me become a tad less lazier…

OBJECTIVE I : Put up at least one post every two days.

Now coming to the commitment part, well its direct from Objective 1 is it not. If I can stick on to this blog for a while then I can become better in that area too.”For a while” is too vague. So I am going to set myself a deadline. Continue with objective 1 till July(i.e till college closes and reopens for s7(people who know me will understand this better)).

OBJECTIVE II : Follow OBJECTIVE I at least till the beginning of Semester 7.

Finally why the name Cigarettes for the Soul? No reason, I just think it sounds cool.

So till I write again…ciao ciao.


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