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In Kozhikode!, Paati sonna stories! on April 15, 2010 at 6:20 am

Hello random reader,

It was a rainy day in the month of May (2009). I was in the college for the summer term studying Engineering Graphics(for the third time). It was very boring in the college. We literally had nothing to do all day except feeling like killing ourselves. It was at a time like this that my father calls me up. He wanted to come down here to see me. Even though I initially put my foot down, an idea occurred. I called him up again and in my sweetest of voices invited him over. Before I could even proceed any further my dad said “I am not bringing your laptop”. I begged, pleaded and threatened but it was of no avail. The man did not give me any option at all and somehow convinced me that the laptop would only distract me and ensure another ‘F’ in graphics(To this day, I sometimes sit and wonder how he did that…).

So he comes over, stays for the weekend and we(or at least I) end up having fun. What we did is a story for another time. This post is about a t-shirt my father bought for me that day. We go to focus mall, the only place worth going to in Calicut and in focus mall my father buys me 2 t-shirts. Now these pieces of clothing are apparently the modern youth’s method of speaking their heart out to the world. They carry on them printed in very weird and unoriginal fonts these one-liners that are “so cool”.

I can hear you thinking, “why buy them if you have such a bad opinion of them”? Well I am a 20-year-old boy too am I not? I would like to say something cool to the world too wouldn’t I? I would want the fairer sex to look at me when I walk by wouldn’t I(the “too” is not here because I would want them to look only at me) ? Even though all these decisions played a “major” role in my buying of those t-shirts the one that settled the matter was the undeniable fact that they were good quality stuff and cost only Rs.150. So in the end, ME HAPPY, DAD HAPPY and MODERN YOUTH IN ME ALSO HAPPY.

Out of the 2 t-shirts, there was one on which “Im gonna live forever or die trying” was printed. For no particular reason, I took great fancy to this line and hence the t-shirt was one of my favourites. I take a lot of things for granted, especially the things (and people) I like. I seldom paid any attention to the t-shirt and soon it was just hanging in front of my room without being washed for more than 6 weeks.

Out of nowhere, someone burnt a pretty powerful firecracker known locally as “atom bomb” in front of my room. Now, on that particular night I am completely drunk and not in my hostel at all. My “favourite” t-shirt was strategically placed above the “atom bomb” and caught fire. Fortunately/Sadly my room-mate took a photo of the t-shirt in its dying moments which has been added here.

I dedicate this post to THE T SHIRT THAT DIED TRYING. Amen!

So till I write again…ciao ciao.

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  1. that tshirt is in heaven and it prays for the ‘atom bomb’ everyday as it put it out of its dirty misery… god bless that ‘atom bomb’

  2. Lol…nice one..
    By the way, The tee-shirt quote is from Catch-22 by Joseph Heller.
    You should check it out…you’ll love it.

  3. One more quote for you “I am gonna blog once in 2 days, or stop trying”

  4. @jojo sniff sniff
    @aditya… i will man
    @manyu… please!!!

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