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O! Upma, Where art thou?

In Kozhikode!, Sappadu, isai mattrum pala! on April 18, 2010 at 9:20 am

Hello random reader,

(Before you proceed reading this post, I would like to remind you that I have not slept in a long while and finished watching a Telugu movie just now(Ek Niranjan starring Young Rebel Star Prabhas and Kangana Ranauth). So do forgive me if this piece of writing is even worse than my other random thoughts.And also if it has some “masala” it’s just the after effects of Ek Niranjan.)

So there I was already regretting my decision to blog continuously…No to be more precise, there I was on my way to D mess regretting my proclamation to the world my decision to blog continuously. I mean, a post every two days? Who am I kidding?   I cannot come up with ideas worth putting up every 2 days. I am not that creative or dedicated even. But then, an inner voice spoke and it spoke for good. It said “Cigarettes for the soul” is mainly for my soul first and then comes the world. So I reassured myself of my abilities and on this high note I entered the mess.

On Sundays(such as today), they served upma in D mess. I began eating voraciously because I had not eaten anything in a long while and I was very hungry. It was into my 3rd helping of upma(with sugar of course) that my mother’s face floated up into my mind. Now I was not high mind you and this really freaked me out. I have an exam tomorrow and I had not slept or studied. I began thinking of wild excuses for my shabby(or “unholy” as she would have put it) state when she just cynically smiled at me and vanished.

The entire thing lasted for about less than a second and there I was mouth(filled with upma) half open left staring at more upma. The upma is the guilty party here. It all came back to me in a flash. The meaning of this apparition or hallucination and especially that cynical smile became clearer.

Back home, I am a cold-hearted bitch when it comes to food. I criticise(tease) my mother a lot if she screws up the food, which I have come to realise through experience that she does not. Her favourite dish, and therefore my least favourite is upma or more fondly Rava Upma. She prepares it beautifully with ghee and it melts in your mouth. I used to hate it. She usually cajoles me into eating it or sometimes prepares dosas specially for me while everyone else eats upma. A lot of times, when she is really tired or pissed she used to curse me saying that one day or the other I will realise the value of her upma which I did today, more than ever. My tongue is “dead”(a direct translation from a very commonly used tamil statement) after almost 3 years of mess food and now I am yearning for home food(still, dosa preferably…but upma will do).

Now, all jokes and humour apart, do not take this just at face value. I have learnt a great lesson through upma here. The smaller things are missed the most and we do not realise the value of things until they are gone or unavailable. So next time we are about to criticise someone for something they have done putting in a great effort, think twice. I know that I will because I have D mess to thank for…

(P.S This will make a good Telugu movie, won’t it? It has all the right ingredients. Humour(I hope), sentiment and a message to the society. Throw in a fight between the D mess representative and cheta for the quality of food, it’ll be a super hit).

So till I write again…ciao ciao.

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  1. heh…only few ppl continue to work even if dey r criticised at wat they do…1)Mom 2)Ragam P.C.

  2. lol… well said!!!!!!!!

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