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What’s the point?

In Kozhikode!, Uncategorized on April 21, 2010 at 12:47 am

Hello random reader,


Today, in the exam hall, I was having random thoughts. Now, there was nothing unusual about that but there was this one particular line of thought which I felt was worth documenting. Even now, as I sit in the dirtiest room in the college, typing away on my keyboard, I feel forced to postpone putting this post up because I have shit loads to study. But then again, as is the case with all ideas you get during exams, this one too I am sure, will disappear back into the deep recesses of my mind, and never surface again. So I have this itch…this urge…call it whatever you may to write this down.

Even though this is not very relevant to this post, I feel that I have  to mention this: Today’s exam was an open book test(not that it made any difference). As far as I know, in institutions across india, open book tests seldom happen. It is a beautiful concept that has to be encouraged. Keep this in mind and continue reading.

So, I was in the exam hall, reading through the book trying to find out the answer for a question desperately wishing humans could do a “cntrl + f”   when this thought struck me. Any person in this college, whatever his department or year, could have learnt the basics the previous night and written this exam. An entire semester has been wasted on this subject.

Thinking along the same lines for some more time, I realized any person in this college can learn/study any subject and write the exam. I mean, whatever is happening here, it is not education. All you need is a cool head and some 20/50 marks in the mid-sems and you can cram stuff into your head a night before and write the end semester exam. Now of course, I am talking only about mortals like me who are more than satisfied with a C grade. But objectively, doesn’t this violate the entire ethics of the education system?

After giving some more thought(how jobless was I in the exam hall?? :P), I realised one more thing. There is nothing we can do to change this. I, for one, am more than 100% sure that I will not remember anything I have studied now, same time next year and have to read my entire 4 years worth of B.Tech in a month or two for placements. And none of the “3 idiots” stuff is going to happen because this is not a movie.Subjects are not going to become interesting on their own. The only thing that can remotely seem like a solution is having your priorities right before entering college and choosing a field of interest.

There is no point in crying to others how fucked up your department is because he/she will be feeling the same. The one good thing about compsci though is I can do all these things on a night before my exam. “How cool are we?” So on this sad and pathetic note, I end my post because I have to study. But before I finish, I would just like to ask this to everyone once more : What’s the point?

So till I write again…ciao ciao.

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  1. On some level I think it is good, it gives us a weird sense of freedom, we can utilize the semester in whichever way we want, and take just a day off to study the portion and get a “decent enough” grade. What you do within the semester is upto you, you can either screw it up or do something remotely useful, I think given the fact that what we are gonna do once we get a job is most probably nuthing related. You have you know 2 choices,
    1. study something you don’t like and totally forget it after sometime
    2. don’t study that and do something you like

  2. lol manyu… a nice way of putting it…

  3. seriously wat’s ur point?
    is it dat v r jobless ….or is it jus givin’ a vent to ur feelings during exams

  4. there’s no point… just pissed off…thts it..

  5. Dont complain about the system! we poor souls who came into enng by accident live on the hope tht cramming is possible…!

  6. @joel, read the last line again…

  7. whats the point. i have 2 exams tomorrow n i m posting this comment. “how cool are we?”… *making that serious face of tony…

  8. yeaa… wats d point ???? evn m breakin my head here for tomo’s xam .. “JAVA” !! wich is of no use !! 😦

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