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Music Review : Raavanan!

In Sappadu, isai mattrum pala!, Singaara Chennai! on May 19, 2010 at 6:41 pm

Hello random reader,

Believe it or not, it’s raining in Chennai. It has been raining for more than 15 hours now. It’s raining cats and dogs – a phrase I never get accustomed to unmindful of how many times I hear it or use it. Imagining it is too weird I tell you. If only the phrase was something like… well you know what I am getting at, so fill it up on your own.

This is not going to be a music review in the true sense of the word. My own take on the movie, the story, where the songs should occur, etc. So if you want read throughout or just click on the songs and enjoy!


So Raavanan, the mythical ten-headed demon who lusted after another’s wife and met his end – that is Valmiki’s Ramayana for you. But this Raavanan, is Mani Ratnam’s and if you read the plot synopsis in Wikipedia, you will find that the base story, though same, has Maoism written all over it and Raavanan might not be the bad guy after all.

With the Naxal riots happening all over Chattisgarh and other areas, I believe the movie will be an educational experience. (Though I am personally against any form of communism, I think it will be a must-watch)

Right now, screw Mani Ratnam. Raavanan is not his…not yet.

Yes, you guessed right. It belongs to A R Rahman. The first time I heard Raavanan songs, I was surprised. Not impressed or overwhelmed mind you. The “impressed and overwhelmed and awesome” part happens later as with all Rahman songs which you will fall in love with as you keep listening to them.

Surprised because of the transition. If you had listened to Rahman’s previous album VTV, you will understand. Rustic is the word you are looking for, to describe the songs here. From an all out peppy, western VTV, to a completely Indian Raavanan. And the lyrics by Vairamuthu, just amazing. The combination of  Vairamuthu and Rahman, have delivered once again and the songs are chart-busters.

ManiRatnam,Vairamuthu, ARR

Here they are, links to the songs of Raavanan (listen to the Hindi versions if you do not know Tamil. If you do not know both the languages, take a coin. Assign heads to Tamil, tails to Hindi and toss it. Listen to whatever fate wants you to, but make sure you do) :

Kalvare – Shreya Goshal :- A melody which probably portrays Aishwarya Rai’s (Ragini Subramaniam) feelings as she begins falling for Vikram (Veeraiya) once he had kidnapped her or could be a romantic interlude in the beginning of the movie between Ragini and Dev Prasad (Prithviraj). I am confused because of the word kalvarae, which means thief. So it could be Veera, who has abducted her or Dev, who has stolen her heart.

Usurae Poguthae  – Karthik, Mohammad Irfan :- The song that is on everyone’s lips right now. A masterpiece. For once, I think Vairamuthu has outdone Rahman. The amazing music combined with the brilliant lyrics, which portray Veera’s tabooed love for Ragini, just haunts you. The song just doesn’t leave your mind.

Kaattu Sirikki – Shankar Mahadevan, Anuradha Sriram :- My favourite song in the movie. I don’t know why, but I just love this song. It’s a happy and racy beat that is just too good. And Shankar Mahadevan, does anything else even need to be said? Now this is another song which I cannot exactly place in the movie. Probably after Ragini falls for Veera or immediately after Dev and Ragini come to the village or an item number for Priyamani. (I am listing all the possibilities here so in the future I can go, “see I already predicted this”)

Kodu Potta – Benny Dayal :- This is one of those songs you will find in all of Mani Ratnam’s movies. A song that plays in the background as the hero stirs up the masses into revolution. So here, it’s Maoism at it’s peak I guess. Veera telling his village folk not to bow down to the landlords anymore and start hitting back at them. Another fast paced brilliant number.

Kedakkari – Benny Dayal, Rayhanah, Tanvi Shah :- Again could be an item number for priyamani. Probably a feast in the village and all the people are celebrating. No idea, I am getting bad at this. So I am just going to describe the song. The lyrics again…amazing. Very different and accented slang of tamil. A really good song.

Veera – Vijay Prakash, A R Rahman, Mustafa Kutoane, Keerthi Sagathia :- Veera is the main character’s name. So a title song kinda thingy. The song is slightly western, especially initially or at least thats how I feel. So the lyrics tell us that Veera is both Raavanan and Raman, confirming my theory that the lines of distinction between the hero and the villain are not clear.

That’s it. I am done. This was supposed to be a small post, just the songs, listen to them, they rock and all that. But I guess I was in a type-happy mood and just unleashed myself…

Picture Courtesy – Google ; Video courtesy – YouTube.

So till I write again…ciao ciao.

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  1. Good 1 da.. lots of guesses and expectations though.. As usual let us hope Mani will do much better than our expectations… Also wat songs da macha.. AR Rahamn at his best till the next album comes.. This guy is un stoppable… Theres no better award than oscars and grammy on this earth.. My only worry is if he still keeps on improving with such super human music, all these award will look much smaller… Vairamuthu as usual with his rhymin words builds the base… In short I cant simply wait to watch the movie

    • no i always felt he didn’t deserve the oscar for those songs… Compared to some of his other music, Jai Ho is just…how do you say ordinary!! Take usurae poghudhae for eg..million times better

  2. Hi da,

    I listened to the hindi version first and compared to it, the tamil version seems clunky and contrived. May be because the songs were composed for hindi first and tamil words had to be ‘fitted’ in into the song? Not sure.

    And rain! ah blessed rain!!

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