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Hello random reader,

I was jobless and surfing through the internet one day; and when I say internet, I mean Facebook. I saw a status message that was going to change my perspective on life forever. It had some 70 comments and more than a 100 likes. I was taken aback and after some time, jealousy crept in.

I was taken aback because of the fact that the apparently great and insightful status message was posted by a person who had the same amount of friends I had or probably lesser; I don’t remember. It was a personal thing of no consequence to anybody who had liked it or commented on it…well why beat around the bush? You decide for yourself.

Here is the status that almost wasted an entire day of my life. But it got me thinking and helped me attain a realization that would have otherwise eluded me for the rest of my miserable life on this planet…

STATUS— 😀 😀 :D….

Around 70 people had liked this status and more than a 100 comments had been registered. The comment thread ran somewhat similar to the status itself. A lot of people exhibited their zeal and eagerness to share their :D’s with this person. I too was one among those fools who liked that status message. Now, I attribute it to joblessness and bad karma. But on that day, I am ashamed to admit, I took pride in the fact that I was among the first 10 persons to like it.

After the “liking” part, I began receiving notifications. Initially, it was kind of good to know that the world shared my interests. But after a while I got irritated because the notifications were arriving at a rate akin to spam. Still, I took comfort in the fact that a lot of people were jobless like me and suddenly, I began wondering…why did these many people like and comment on this status? This started a chain of thought whose profound impact on me led to the realization and hence this post.

Now before I enlighten you with my knowledge, you should know why I was jealous shouldn’t you? I thought I too could replicate this status and get an even better number of likes and comments. So I “unliked” that status, and with the sole aim of vengeance and glory, updated my status to— 😀 😀 😀 😀 :D….

Noticed that the number of :D’s are more? This was done to add a touch of originality and at the same time, lay emphasis on the fact that I was in a happier state of mind. Within minutes of my updating my status, 2 people had liked it and one even commented with :D’s of his own. With elation and great sense of expectation I waited…

1 hour passed…then two then 3. The likes and comments didn’t budge. I attributed this to bad timing and decided to go have a nap and check it later in the night, when we nocturnal beings are most active. But to my great dismay, nothing had changed.

I opened the other profile and started comparing. After about one hour, when I had racked every nook and cranny of our profiles and couldn’t come up with a rational explanation, I gave up. In those bitter moments of defeat and humiliation beyond imagination when my mind was about to slip into oblivion, my eyes spotted two words on the other profile and realization dawned. These words were Sex : Female.

I understood that while in the real world, it is men who suppress women, in the online world, it is vice-versa.

So this is a cry to all the people like me out there, who when bored and jobless, find solace on the internet. Who have felt that their “cool and yo” deeds have not gotten the appreciation and attention they deserve. Lend me your voices my friends, and help put an end to these atrocities by the fairer sex in our online realms…(Read as I am jobless, bored and completely out of ideas).

P.S : I would like to thank those 3 souls who took pity on me on that fateful day being the light at the end of my tunnel.

P. P.S : The above incident, though imaginary, is not completely untrue. You could probably call it an exaggerated portrayal of the joblessness of the people prevalent online.

P.P.P.S : This is not constrained to statuses alone. I have seen more ridiculous photos and applications and links and what not posted by girls met with similar attention.

P.P.P.P.S : What the hell are you still reading on for. It’s over…

So till I write again…ciao ciao.

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  1. ROFL… true it is…

  2. so good this is the first blog i’ve commented on. u always were good at the simple stuff(just making sure u r not carried away). Would have used a lotta smileys to express my appreciation but man, u have taken all the originality out of them.

  3. LOL!! XD Hear Hear!! As long as there are guys who add girls only because they have cute dp’s (*ahem ahem) I think the 70 comments and 100 likes would continue XD

  4. And I think the “atrocities” you have mentioned are being committed by members of your own sex?! 😛

  5. Simply awesome man!!! I Like!

  6. Haha…nice post. esoecially the line – “I understood that while in the real world, it is men who suppress women, in the online world, it is vice-versa.”
    killer! 🙂

  7. great post… hilarious man…

  8. gud one m8. Yes girls are ruthless. They add to the depression of the male world and it becomes a vicious circle of depression, friend request, likes and so on…nothing we can do to change it m8.

  9. LOL, very true. the extent to which boys go to please girls is breath taking……and yes i agree with manoj, girls are ruthless.

  10. @all – thanks ppl!! 😀 😀 😀

  11. This is awesome.And i completely agree with you.We loose out completely to females when it comes to online activity.I am gonna try this and get back to you.

  12. Your blog is cool. To gain more visitors to your blog submit your posts at

  13. lol… very true. I’ve seen a girl update the status of her dog’s growth and there were 100 comments and 50 likes. The last thing I would like to see on a facebook is a notication that a girl XX is now frieds with some XYZ and there would be 10 likes and 20 comments on the notification.. haha.. very well written.


  14. 🙂 nice post…njoyed reading it..

  15. So can I friend you on facebook? : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) (yes. 5. i went there.)

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