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Hello random reader,

NOTE : This post might hurt every sentiment of some orthodox Bhramins (and I am serious). Reader Discretion is advised.

The first thing they teach you in Indian History at school, as early as 6th class itself, is the sub-division of the society during earlier times.

The people were mainly divided into 4 classes : Bhramanas, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Sudras. This was a profession based classification, a social hierarchy you could call it, which grouped together people who indulged in similar means of livelihood.

The Bhramanas were considered to be experts in the Vedas and served as the link between humanity and God. The Kshatriyas were the warriors and Kings, who ruled over the people and fought for them whenever the need arose. The Vaishyas were traders, merchants and farmers who were involved in all the commercial activities of a certain region. The Sudras were the laborers and artisans, who were the original occupants of this land.

So, when the fair-skinned Aryans flooded into the country, they were already clearly divided into 3 classes and they could not entirely dispose off with the native people. Thus, a fourth class of people – Sudras, were formed.

From here on out, it’s a lot of fiction and a bit of fact…

I believe that all the 4 classes lived equally up until a certain point of time in history (except of course for the King). On one fine day, a self conceited Bhramana must have proclaimed that his was the noblest race among the four. The Kshatriya, on hearing this must have been enraged and would have taken the head off of this Bhramana and fed him to the dogs, had the sly rat not come up with this story :

“We (Bhramanas) are from the mouth of Bhramma, the creator. We were created to serve as mediators between humanity and God. The next class would be the Kshatriyas, who are from Bhramma’s arms. The Vaishyas are from his thighs and the Sudras from his feet. Hence they are the lowest class (and must be subjected to oppression and depression).”

This worked out well for the Kshatriya because he was given the second position and of course, God was mentioned. So he stopped his whining and acknowledged the Bhramana. Well what is the relation between this and interpretation? Had even one Sudra questioned the Bhramana thus, his entire plans would have been foiled :

“You say that you are from the mouth and I am from the feet of Bhramma. Well, what comes from the mouth is spittle, which is in fact used as a symbol of disgust and insult, while everybody knows that you worship the feet of the Gods. So it is I, not you who is superior.” ( And also, let us assume that a guy with this much sense during those times was beyond trivialities such as superiority and advocated equality)

This one line of thought could have probably avoided a lot of  grief and misery not only then, but even now. The world would have been a completely different thing, at least from the Indian’s point of view.

Would this have worked? I don’t know. You tell me…

So till I write again…ciao ciao.

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  1. my fav post till now. but how did u come across that thought?

  2. First of all a brilliant thought second a possible deviation is what. If in the earlier times people could choose what to be you know what if these were just like careers and the hierarchy would have existed but informally as in the teachers ( Brahmins) were given the highest respect and so on. Now from this condition it is easyto imagine brahmins and Kshatriyas gettig selfish about their children and slowly change it the way you said then would that interpretation work ??

    • not necessary…see assuming your theory means that the people in the highest echelons of society had some talent. It was not just a birth-right. So how much ever a bhramin tried, one of his dumb children could not outshine a lower caste person’s better one and thus, the bhramin’s son would have gone down to a lower level in the society while the other fellow would have climbed up the social ladder.
      the definitions of a bhramin. kshatriya etc are not fixed in this assumption. May the best man win kind of situation!
      This is very much akin to how society is today. Mind over matter!

  3. That is a fine story. Fits today’s scenario. Also have a look at the following link on which I accidentally stumbled upon after this current mayhem about Dharmapuri.:

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