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In Peeterru!, Singaara Chennai! on June 28, 2010 at 4:02 am

Hello random reader,

My mom has a deal with God…no not one but two. And also to the uninitiated readers, a lot of this might sound like Greek and Latin so make sure you check out the links as and when they are mentioned.

On all Thursdays she will visit the shrine of Dhakshinamurthy in the Shiva temple near my house and He in turn will do what He supposedly does best – ensure that my sister and I perform consistently well in all the present and future academic endeavors of our life. These are the times when my faith in the almighty is shaken, tested and turned. Though if you ask my grandmother, she will attribute my failure to the wrath of Vishnu.(Welcome to the age-old war of Iyers vs Iyengars . I belong to the latter and the first time I played AOE, I was actually surprised not to find these two clans there. )

On all Saturdays she will visit the Navagraha shrine in the same temple and in turn They, not all of them, only that cheeky little fellow known as Shani, will stay out of my life for the next 5 years or so. (The 5 is most probably not the correct number. A lot of astronomical calculations with myriads of minutiae are involved and I have no idea how to arrive at the number.)

Since I have been jobless for the past two months, I have undertaken this tedious task of upholding my mother’s end of the bargain. For all my atheist talks, I have not cribbed about this even once though. It is a beautiful temple where, after a quick pradhakshanam for God’s sake (quite literally here), one can indulge in fruitful activities (about which we will discuss in private if you really want to know).

This past Saturday I was really excited about my impending visit to the temple, for on Saturdays, sometimes if I am really lucky, I might get to see her. So I rush to the temple in the evening only to find it closed. I inquire about it to an Auto guy (your instant source of information when you don’t have access to Twitter and the internet in general), who said, they had to close the temple because of a death that had occurred in the vicinity.

I come home, pass on the information to amma and paati and ask them why they have to close a temple in the case of the death of a mere mortal. The word theetu echoed simultaneously across the living room. I was not even sure who said it first. But one thing was clear, if God could be affected by these bad vibrations (see the link) and had to shut himself down every time such an occasion arises, He is definitely not going to answer your calls of distress (also note that nobody ever calls Him in joy).

I considered telling this to my grand-mother and finishing if off with – Hence God doesn’t exist. QED, but decided against it lest she get a heart-attack or something.

For those of you who are wondering whether I really believe in God or not, read this. By the way, this week I will be going to that temple again!

So till I write again…ciao ciao.
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  1. nave this is teethu concept is fucked up man… and this ramachandran guy is out of his mind…. i m not talking to u anymore if i believe in teethu n all… that discussion forum is hilarious btw…

  2. Rituals like these do not bring you any closer to god do they? Clan wars between Iyers and Iyengars should be the oldest form of rivalry….

  3. @jojo the concept is not so bad as such! its scientifically true! refer wiki also for theetu – basically an unclean state! thats about it…the point of tis was shouldn’t God be beyond theetu? and yeah the forum was hilarious! galactically fked up convos happening there…

    @theanalyst If you read the other link I had mentioned in the end, you cud see that I am still confused about God… but the one thing I am sure about is “faith” and since my mom has truckloads of it, I do it for her (and also for me indirectly)… Iyers and Iyengars…epic man! epic!

  4. […] This last post of mine however, I did not ask for her opinions (mainly because I thought I knew what she was going to say), and published it. I couldn’t have been more wrong. She read the post and this is what she had to say: “It seems like an innocent boy’s desperate attempt at humor, which he has miserably failed to create…” […]

  5. hence ta concept of omnipotent n omnipresent is disproved 😉

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