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Of dogs, stones and their general unavailability!

In Kozhikode!, Peeterru!, Singaara Chennai! on September 27, 2010 at 6:33 pm

Hello random reader,

You know that pithy saying right? No? The one that talks about dogs and the lack of stones or vice versa? No again? Well to say it my way, it goes like this: “When you have a cigarette you don’t have a light and when you have matches you don’t have a cigarette”. This exactly sums up my present state of mind.

Usually, I’d want to write just about anything when there’d be nothing interesting enough to write about (my other posts are proof of this), while now, there are millions of things to write about, issues to discuss, people to abuse, ideals to be questioned…you get the drift! But I don’t want to write about any of it. Why?

As I was thinking thus, I finally found out something I did want to write about. Something as unrelated to the issues at college as much as it is related (at least as far as  I am concerned). Why don’t I want to write about the things happening at my college?

Initially, the answer to this seemed very simple: I don’t want to get beaten up. Very basic human mentality isn’t it? Don’t bother until you are directly involved in the crossfire. But then, I could have written something anonymously. I won’t be the first person to do so or the last, especially about NITC. I mean, there was an eon (points and laughs), save nitc, and one more blog highlighting the value of plagiarism. But I didn’t want to do that either.

This was when I realized that there was more than that met the eye. Something fundamentally and morally disgusting about the entire thing. Now, I am not going to describe my feelings because that would involve writing about the very things I didn’t want to write about in the first place.

(And, for the actual random readers, please check this out. It succinctly describes what had transpired, though, as the author says, there is some amount of fiction.)

Another reason, and perhaps the more rational one, is this: The actual people involved are too busy to read blogs and grasp what is trying to be put across. (Nope, somebody telling them such and such  a post/line was written also won’t make them read it. But it might fuel their anger..oops!). And they are the ones whose opinions matter…sadly! Yours and mine are not worth the 2-KB of space this file might occupy. You can comment and argue all you want. But the above mentioned blogs are proof…nothing happened. Nobody cared!

So, adding this to the getting beaten up part, it will result in “Getting beaten up for writing something that is pointless and inconsequential”, which is totally pointless and inconsequential. People have formed their opinions, they have chosen their sides, the college has done it’s best by packing us off (Ok! I am kidding now) and none of that is going to change because of me voicing my opinions in a post which will not be read by the concerned people anyways!

I am just writing to tell people (rub it in, you could call it) that I’ve somehow managed to get tickets for Superstar’s Enthiran and some good has come of all this after all. Let us hope the same happens in the long run, some good comes of all of this that is!

So till I write again…ciao ciao.