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Express Avenue and Dad!

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Hello random reader,

It’s been a while… between screwing up the first mid-tests, finding a topic for my major , playing FIFA, dodging questions from my father about my CAT preparations and the lack of internet in the hostels due to a change in the ISP, I’ve had my plate full. Thinking  about topics for the blog was not on my list of things-to-do (a list that will exist till I finish this sentence) until I was jolted back to reality by the Vijay photo glaring at me from my previous post. These explain why my page-views have been decreasing lately (not that I had a lot before). So here we go…

I am sure all of you, at one point or other in your lives, have gone shopping with your dads (Don’t get me wrong. It’s only one dad per person). I have too and up until recently I had forgotten what an…er…enlightening experience it could be with mine.

Since getting into college I have been buying my own clothes and this summer when the time for that came, my father so magnanimously decided to grace the occasion with his presence. We decided that we would go to a newly opened mall in Chennai called Express Avenue and buy stuff from Big Bazar. If you are expecting a list of what I bought there and how good the stuff was, sorry to disappoint you! It sucked and I don’t remember. This post is more about the awesome insights I gained into my dad’s mind during the trip.

But as usual, before we get to the good part, I must bore you with certain details so that you gain an insight into my mind.

So there we were, in the parking-lot of the mall. This huge maze-basement area with a number of twists and turns and car-parking plots. We passed through a million empty spots before one security guy directed us to our own parking. I was pretty pissed.

“Why were we not allowed to park in the front? So close to the entrance and so many empty places. These people are retards I tell you. They just made us drive around for nothing.”

It is funny now that I did not realize my dad was in one of his pick-on-abhinav moods.

“Do you have any idea how much planning and labour and organisation is involved in running such a big mall? There must be more than 100 people incharge of parking alone. You have no idea don’t you? And looking at the way your studies are going, you’ll be lucky if you land a job here. They won’t even look at your resume after they see ur GPA. So stop complaining.”

“Haha naina (that’s how I call my dad when I’m pissed), very funny. I was just saying these people just wasted your petrol. Your money. I am angry. And I am sure I’ll turn down the parking-token-issuer-in-express-avenue-job if I get it after they look through my resume“.

He just grinned and said “Beggars cannot be choosers.” After that we didn’t talk for about 15 minutes until I saw a single shirt in the entirity of Big Bazar that I liked. I was sure naina wasn’t going to like it. I just guess it wasn’t the day for stereotypes. He was ok with it and we went to the billing area, deciding we’ll buy more clothes later and not here.

There was this huge Marwadi (Marwari) (if you are in Chennai and you are a north Indian, you are a Marwadi) guy doing his monthly grocery shopping with his wife. He was piling item upon item on the counter and his wife was reassessing the quality of the products chosen by him I guess. But they held up the queue for half-an-hour and not very surprisingly I got pissed further.

“He must be a well-off guy! Why can’t he shop elsewhere? Has to buy everything cheap and wholesale! Hell if he paid a 100 bucks more he could get all these stuff home-delivered.”

“For once you are right”, my dad said and before I could mentally high-5 myself, he added “Though you would never know the value of 100 rupees and that’s probably why you will definitely end up as guy doing the home-delivery.” The high-5 turned into a punch on the face! Probably? Definitely? Parking guy? Home delivery guy? I was actually thinking which one was better when the Marwadi dude finsihed with his biling.

My turn. The billing guy looked at me like I was some outer-planet creature when I just handed him over a single tee-shirt. I held my tongue this time though. I didn’t want to know why I’d end up as a Billing guy too.

Finally we were out , in the car and moving. While I was exploring upon my various career options that were the outcome of a less than 2 hour shopping experience, it happened. We were near the exit and another car was beside us leaving too.

A pretty hot female in that car next to the driver’s seat spoke thus to my dad: “Uncle, how do you go to Sathyam from here?”

My dad said : “Take left and go straight”.

She said “thanks uncle” and they drove away.

I was too deep in thought that it took me a while to realise my dad had give them wrong directions. Wasn’t it right, I asked him!

He said “She called me Uncle!” Memorable trip after all!

  1. Nice one da.Reminds me of Eric and Red Foreman of That 70’s show.

  2. LOL!!! tht cracked me up!!!

  3. ROFL! same story everywhere!

  4. @dhan actually I believe that the crew of that 70’s show have been spying on me since my birth…cos it almost exactly happens as it does at my place…promise 😛

    @joel and mayukh….thnx!!

  5. nice one mac.. liked the ending 🙂

  6. Hi … looks as though u ve been there recently … well me n my frens are planning to go there for a movie but i heard somewhere that parking there for 4 to 5 hours can cost upto 250 bucks … is that true ?

  7. i fall in love with a girl and she is working in big bazar

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