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Idlis and our eternal struggle!

In Kozhikode!, Sappadu, isai mattrum pala! on September 16, 2010 at 7:56 am

Hello random reader,

Idli used to be one of my favourite foods, until I had it in D-mess that is.

You might have heard of Kushboo idlis, mallipoo idlis and other such varieties, which highlight the soft and melt-in-the-mouth nature of this awesome delicacy. And of course, any mention of idli is incomplete without talking abut the side-dish. Brilliance is coconut chutney and sambhar. But alas! In D mess, they have their own definition of these items.

Coconut Chutney:

I start with coconut chutney because coconut is one of the most common type of food one gets to encounter in Kerala. Its abundance and wide-use would suggest that it will be one of the best items on the menu. If only it were that simple

One of my friends remarked that it does not rain water in Kerala but coconut chutney. The D-mess guys also seem to know this fact and they have taken it to the next level. A Coconut-chutney-harvesting you could call it. I am sure that after eating their chutney and washing your hands, you will try to find out 6 differences between the thing you had washed your hands with and the coconut chutney you had on your plate.

Hell, the scenario is so bad that this other day, after they had run out of chutney, this happened. Suddenly It began raining heavily and considering its Calicut, there is nothing surprising about that. What was surprising was that one cheta in the mess, took a huge vessel, and began running outside. Being piqued by this activity, I began following him. He went out the hostel, kept the vessel and waited till it was full. He carried it back into the mess and tada…chutney was back! This is why they call Kerala God’s own Chutney I guess.


The hero of the day is of course the idli. A really strong and inflexible hero that is. For the frail of heart and the weak of teeth, these idlis give nightmares. One bite or actually one attempted bite is enough to send you running back to your room with a tooth-ache that miraculously disappears after 1 week, on the exact same day they serve idli again, making every other day a fast!

India is wasting her time signing nuclear deals and arm deals and other such crap. They should just hire the D-mess guys and appoint one of them as the secretary of defense. They will mass produce idlis in all shapes and sizes and use them according to the amount of destruction required. Idli bulltes, Idli grenades, Idli missiles, Idli whatevers.

Houses and all other construction items can also be built with these idlis. Indestructible structures you see, and India will become a super-power within days. Now for these houses and all, what do you use to hold the idlis together?


Look no further. The D-mess chetaas have a solution for that too.

The sambhar they give us here is actually same as the chutney. Except for floating bits of pumpkin and tomato and a yellow color. But the actual Sambhar they prepare is only a mouthfull. They dilute it with the excess chutney so that it can satisfy the thirst of some 300 odd students.

This original concoction of the sambhar was what I was referring to. Cement? Concrete? Balls! D-mess Sambhar is here!

So till I write again…ciao ciao.

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  2. One who has lived in a hostel would second your thoughts.
    Nice One.

  3. Hehehehehehehe!!! This is awesome!!! Wow! Some mess you have there! I love the way you wrote it! Great stuff! Good luck with the idlis.. I hope the Government reads your post soon!

  4. Coconut-chutney-harvesting , really strong and inflexible hero!!Killer stuff šŸ˜›

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