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Rajinikanth reveals Victoria’s Secret

In Peeterru!, Singaara Chennai! on October 5, 2010 at 10:24 pm

Hello random reader,

When I was but a wee little kid taking my first steps in the blogosphere, I used to be desperate for readers and desperate-er for comments and appreciation. During those trying times, I used to read a lot of articles on the dos-and-donts of blogging. All of them though not very different from each other, were exactly the same when it concerned one thing. Every article written for the advancement of an individual’s blogging skills had these three words – Content is King. Show me a blog-post without these words and I will show you one which will not help you increase your readership.

Through the course of this post, I will reveal to the dumbstruck and mesmerized reader, that is you, what exactly is the meaning of that elusive phrase written in bold towards the end of the previous paragraph. I am pretty confident that after reading this, you too shall be able to dazzle your audience like I have always done.

Ok! The previous statement was not completely true. Why? The last 2 paragraphs themselves were an exaggeration. But anyway, without further ado, let me begin.

1. Title

Come up with a title for your post that is very attractive. This title alone should be sufficient to compel someone to read your post. For instance take the title of this post. Had I named it How to improve your blog or something along those lines, I am more than 273% sure none of you will even be reading this.

Looking at the title of this post, one can realise that it is a very careful combination of something current – namely Rajinikanth; and something intriguing – Victoria’s secret. Thus, the title, is like a seductive mistress. But also make sure that you don’t say too much in the title. It should always leave your reader wanting more…something along the lines of “Lookie but no touchy”.

2. Eye-Candy:

Still reading are we? Well why is that? You want to know how that picture with the hot women below is related to the post, that’s why. As most of you might have guessed by now, it is not relevant in anyway at all. It is just there to give those people, who find the topic at hand boring, something to stare at and also as a motivation for others to read on and find out if it might just be relevant in the end after all!

This picture should be chosen with utmost care. As many movie heroines have gone out of their way an umpteen number of times to remind us, there is but a very thin line between glamorous attraction and vulgarity. The aim of the author of a post who uses such a picture should be to get as tantalizingly close as possible to this line without crossing it. Tread carefully.

Fantasy Indeed...

3. Content:

Once you have employed points one and two to a certain degree of perfection, the content seldom matters. The women readers are the ones who will actually care about the content beyond this and it is pretty easy to appease them. Abuse men. Talk about what lousy boyfriends/husbands they make. As simple as that.

Also, when it comes to content, some people very deliberately use words like “love”, “sex”, “fuck”,…etc., hoping that some weird combination of these words will direct people to their blog. Avoid this at all costs for it limits your post to the perverts. Also, people might never visit your site again…ever (as is likely to happen here).

Oh! And don’t forget to share the link on facebook, twitter and gtalk. Bound to help.

So till I write again…ciao ciao.