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As I bid farewell #1 – Dreams

In Peeterru!, Singaara Chennai! on December 3, 2010 at 1:19 am

Hello random reader,

So much for the “one-post-per-day” declared in bold at the beginning of the previous post. A lot of things that happen in real life are also along the same lines if you get what I mean. We decide to do a lot of things in a specific time period and end up not doing most of them. This is true at least in my case.

So I thought thus: instead of cribbing about this to myself, why don’t I make a post out of it? Also, we are about to bid adieu to 2010 and this seems to be the right time to talk about the unachieved-to-almost-achieved dreams in the year and reassure myself that at least in 2011, some of these dreams might take form.

Dream Alpha

I wanted to write a novel you know. This idea took root around February I  guess. It was so captivating that for the next week or 2, I was doing only that. Creating characters, story-lines, twists in the plot and what not. By mid-march, the story was ready. Even now, the story is ready. It never went beyond that. Typing is too tiresome.

Dream Beta

Learn the fucking guitar. This has been a dream of mine for a very long time now. Every year I say to myself –

“Abhinav, indha varushathoda kadaisila nee oru bandu start pannura. Adhukku nee thaan da lead guitarist” (Abhinav, at the end of this year, you are starting a band. You are the lead guitarist for that band.)

Not to be too hard on myself though, this year, I made some decent progress. I now know that a base guitar has only 4 strings while the lead guitar has 6!

Dream Gamma

Get a 7 pointer. I know…I know! But still, it’s not wrong to dream is it? Didn’t happen in the sixth semester and am pretty sure won’t happen in the seventh (results day after…so please pray (even if you are a non-believer)).

And as my knowledge of greek alphabets in order is limited, I am including other academia related dreams in gamma itself.

Then there was CAT. Get 100 percentile and get into IIM-A, or B or C. In case that didn’t work out, there’s XAT (which I am writing in a short while) and then IIFT (which was swell thank you very much you stupid dead rat!) which I was hoping to ace.

The fact that I am screwing up in all these exams has brought about this general questioning of our nation’s education system and the desire to understand its fundamental flaws. Hopefully, by next year, I would have prepared a report on it with all possible reforms and get a Nobel Prize for it.

Dream Delta

Quit Smoking. If you’ve thought that the thought had never crossed my mind, you are mistaken. Ok! Quit would be an over-statement. Reduce smoking.

I can actually quite honestly say that I’ve done this. Not in the traditional way though. There has been a great rise in the price of cigarettes and a pack of Gold Flakes which cost 25/- in Jan 2010 now cost 35/-. Fucking ridiculous isn’t it? So I shifted to King’s Lights.

Smoother, more refined and lesser in number. This is one almost-achieved-dream!

Dream Epsilon

Go to Goa. This again is a recurring wish of mine. Every year I hope it gets fulfilled but for some reason or the other, it gets postponed.

I want to lie down in the beach, smoke one fat joint with a beer by my side and watch the sunset (only to be interrupted by scantily clad women).

There you go… though like I said, there are more dreams like Dream Theta, Dream Omega and such…but without Dream “whatever-its-in-Greek-for-F” and other letters, I won’t be content writing about them. Also a few of them are X-rated and this is not an adults-only site (see the bugs-bunny picture?).

My only dream right now is that at least 2 or 3 of these dreams come true in 2011!

Author’s Note:- All posts in the month of December will be titled As I bid Farewell. Sorry to disappoint anybody who thought I am going to quit blogging. I am not going anywhere! Future posts might include top 10 movies and songs and other such usual end of the year thingys. And in spite of everything written above, 2010 has been a great year for me…till now (i don’t want to jinx it). This is the year I started this blog and blogging, I’ve discovered, is one activity I immensely enjoy. Let’s just hope the cigarettes continue to roll in 2011 and I do not succumb to the lazy-bastard in me!

Oh! Also share your dreams…fulfilled or unfulfilled!

So till I write again…ciao ciao!

  1. Dei Cigarettes are slow poison man!!! And yeah writing is a too tiresome, I just cant get my ass and type it down for like a year :-O

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