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First Time

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Hello random reader,

I rang the doorbell and waited. About two minutes later, the door opened and even before I could enter my house, Seetha maami gave me a shy smile, dodged me and almost bolted downstairs, to her flat.

Even though I was thankful that I was not subjected to one of her enquiry sessions, I was greatly intrigued. You see it was very uncharacteristic of Seetha maami to avoid any conversation with anybody and the smile was very weird too.

In the two years since Geetha and I had moved here, she had never run away from me like that or smiled in such a shy manner. She had taken an instant liking for Geetha. My wife has been more like a daughter to Seetha Maami, who, has 3 sons, all settled abroad, and as was inevitable in such cases, craved for a daughter. Geetha seemed to fill in; or so maami claims. If you ask me, she likes her because their names rhyme. Do you even need another reason to like someone?

I digress. After maami’s abrupt exit, I entered the house to find Geetha smiling at me mischievously.

‘What?’ I asked.

‘What?’ she asked back.

I let the matter go at that and changed the topic. I knew something was up. The women had traded some secrets among them and now Geetha was playing hard to get.

I was not going to fall for that. You see, women can never keep a secret, at least, not since the Mahabharata, where Kunti was cursed thus by Yudhishtra for hiding from them Karna’s birth. So I waited.

During dinner that night she tried to drop subtle hints and force me to broach the topic of Seetha maami, which I completely ignored. Like I had expected, she gave up after sometime and started the story herself.

‘Seetha maami and I, we talked for a very long time today.’

I could see that she was bursting to tell me and to tell the truth, I too was bursting to know.

‘Yes? What was it about? I did find it very odd that she did not talk to me today and what was up with her smiling at me like that? And what’s with you trying to keep it from me? Remember Kunti?’ I asked, feeling a sense of victory.

At this point, Geetha began laughing. She began laughing so hard that there were tears in her eyes. Finally, seeing my glare, she stopped laughing, though still there was a great big sparkle in her eyes.

‘Funny you mentioned Kunti. Remember our first time?’, she asked me.

Ah! How could I forget? The purpose of the uncontrolled laughter became clear to me.

‘You did not…’ I began.

‘Sorry. But I just couldn’t resist. Not what after she told me…’

Nothing she said should have forced my wife to reveal to Seetha maami what she had revealed. Geetha and I, we were like childhood sweethearts. We had lived in the same building since 6th grade I think and I proposed in class 10. I was accepted 2 years later.

There was this one time in class 10 when I saw her from a certain angle. That was the day I decided I wanted to spend my life with this woman. And the funny thing is I didn’t know what I was feeling back then. I was a nerd, a very conservative one at that.

In fact, after we began going out, it took me a whole 6 months to hold her hand and another 3 for our first kiss, which I am ashamed to admit, was initiated by her.

It was at this point in our life that fate intervened. I had gotten admission into an Engineering College which was quite far away and thus demanded that I stay in a hostel, away from family, away from Geetha.

One day, about 2 weeks before my joining date, Geetha’s parents had left her alone and gone for some marriage or something. She told me they won’t be back till the night. We had the house to ourselves and I was leaving in 2 weeks and you know…the inevitable happened.

The embarrassing thing when we were together is this: I knew I wanted her, but I did not know what the phrase “I wanted her” meant. To this day, she sometimes asks me whether I faked ignorance to act cute. As much as I would have liked to look at it like that, we both know that on that day, she knew and I didn’t know.

‘So you told Seetha maami everything?’ I groaned.

‘It’s ok! You have company’ she said.

‘What do you mean?’

‘Seetha maami’s husband, he was like you. And at least you didn’t say anything. You know what he said during their first night? “Which God do you want to pray to for our child?”’

‘Kunti…’ was all I could manage. I began laughing too. I even forgot to ask how the topic came up in the first place or how one could be so ignorant or whether she was making all this up. I felt redeemed.

I am not a man of my word. Consistency is something that I am not known for. That said, read my previous post if you don’t understand why I said that.

So till I write again…ciao ciao.

  1. hahaha nice one 🙂 Once again, you write well!

  2. That was a nice read 🙂 🙂

    Girls smile and look always has a meaning …. like this 😛

  3. Wowwwwwwwwwww…. Incredible story telling. You had me hooked from the first line to the last. Awesome.

  4. LOL… thts a good one…

  5. Thank you! All you peoples are so kind 😀 🙂

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