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She’s just not that into us!

In Kozhikode!, Paati sonna stories!, Peeterru! on January 17, 2011 at 4:34 pm

Hello random reader,

This is a truly random piece of poetry I wrote that makes no sense whatsoever. The boredom finally caught up I guess!

Once upon a time, in a land far away,

There lived a girl who had no say.


People picked on her when they were bored,

Otherwise, she was just ignored.


She yearned for the love of her life,

But it was all just woe and strife.


It seemed she’d never find her man,

Who had just the right tan.


Once she woke up in the dead of night,

Her entire body trembling in fright.


She told herself it was just a dream,

So vivid and scary to evoke a scream.


She replayed it again in her head,

And when asked, this is what she said.


I was transported to a magical land,

Where hundreds of men were vying for my hand.

Even though it was all so grand,

For some weird reason, it seemed very bland.


Some were warriors and others were bards,

And some who did tricks with cards.

There were others walking on glass shards,

But everyone seemed to be total retards.


Why this attention and a change so sudden?

Because of the make-up with which I was laden?

Then there was a thought which made me madden,

But after sometime, I did gladden.


Beauty, I realized was only skin deep,

Then all the make-up I had fell down in a heap.

It’s not men, my mind told me in a beep,

That was when I woke up from my sleep.


From that time on, she had her say,

And all the men were in her sway.

But that just was not her preferred way,

For by then she was happily gay!


So till I write again…ciao ciao!