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The last train ride…for a while at least!

In Uncategorized on January 9, 2011 at 3:01 pm

Hello random reader,

2011 seems to be a year filled with great hope and promise. At about 12 am on January 1st, I was drunk like hell and making out with a completely random female on the Chennai-Mangalore express! What better start to a year can one ask for?

This is exactly how I wanted to begin my first post for this year. Sadly, I was neither drunk nor making out at that time. In fact, if I remember right, I was stuck in a side-lower berth unable to sleep, wishing I were shorter. A very bad start to a new year. Even worse was the fact that I was going home to write an exam which was the toughest motherfucker I’d ever seen in my long and not-so-glorious career of writing exams.

I have come to hate train journeys over these 4 years. Every train journey is the same. I begin with great enthusiasm, partly influenced by romance novels/movies and partly by the desperation locked inside of me. This time there will definitely be a hot girl next to me, I say to myself every time. Unfortunately, that has not happened till date. Rather, if you were to see my companions on train journeys, you’d think fate had a very fucked up sense of humor.

For instance, this time it was a mother and 2 daughters. For those of you who went “wow 2 girls”, even for a second, don’t even think about it. You will be branded as pedophiles and become social outcasts. But this is one of my better experiences to be honest with you.

Towards the end of October last year, I had gone home to write another exam, and that time, it was a drunk guy. He was drinking in front of me, was hungry apparently and shouting like a rampant rhinoceros. The main cause of his misery, I later found out, was the lack of edible food on the train. The most pissing off part about this certain experience though, was not the lack of girls. It was the lack of courtesy. The pig didn’t offer me booze!

It has always been the same with train journeys. I have lost all hope right now. In fact, even if there was a hot girl, where’s the guarantee that I will muster up the courage to talk to her right? And even if I do, how can I be sure that she’ll fall in love with me? It’s all pointless I tell you. (This entire paragraph was written with the hope that fate reads this and decides to seat me next to a hot girl the next time. Reverse Psychology people. This is also written with the hope that whenever fate reads, it ignores the part in italics.)

The good thing though is that there will be no more exams for a while and no more train journeys for this semester( I hope). These journeys, they screw up your biological clock. One day you are sleeping mornings and staying up nights and suddenly the next day, you are supposed to change your routine. Adapting is horrible ( not really if you are in computer science. You could just bunk the whole day and sleep), especially if you have class immediately once you get back.

And parents are so inconsiderate. They don’t let you stay up during nights and sleep in the mornings. The only conclusion I draw from this is that they are jealous of us adapting to the American clock while in India itself. If I don’t go to the US, you know whom to blame now! (Also, you might think I believe in fate and all after reading this. I’d like to quote V here: ” I like God, do not play with dice or believe in coincidences”. And the exams were XAT and CAT. I am so not getting into a B-School..)

So till I write again…ciao ciao!


  1. Nicely written,but expecting that guy to share? 😀 long shot no? and goodluck with the B school. Loved the part about fate skipping the content in italics 😀

  2. I knw wat u mean… I read ‘1 nyt @ a call centre’ before i had ever been on a train journey… tht bastard chetan bhagat gave me false hope… sorry… gives me false hope..

  3. Same situation here also..Balls to Vaaranam Aayiram et al

    (P.S : Reverse psychology also doesnt work machi. I have tried) (italics)

  4. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Melba Johnson. Melba Johnson said: RT @rolled_monk: The Last train ride…for a while at least! #blogplug…do read. Even if you don't, ReTweet! […]

  5. heh…try the Kingfisher airlines next time… 😛

  6. Trains have a rich history of joining people within nations together. I enjoy traveling by train as it enables you to see the countryside. As a result I have become a big hobbiest in model trains. What fun to collect the various trains that guide the rich history of nations.

  7. @vignesh not a long shot da…even a small shot would have been ok! 😉
    @joel one night…seriously? how old were you wen u traveled by train for the first time?
    @dhan #sosad
    @das Kingfisher has much much better stuff to offer mate!

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