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Going Crazy!

In Kozhikode!, Peeterru!, Uncategorized on March 2, 2011 at 6:17 pm

Hello random reader,

It was a dream. Or maybe not.

I heard the keys of my keyboard talking yesterday night. From the tone of their voice, I guessed that they were complaining. One particular voice was the loudest. It was the backspace key. It went about cursing me saying how I overworked it the most.

The other keys seemed to take offence. Especially the vowel keys. After a vehement ten-minute diatribe against me, they calmed down a bit. I thought they knew I was awake. I thought they knew I was listening. I thought they were going to stop.

I thought wrong. Once the keys made sure I was awake and listening, they started scolding me even more. Especially the keys ‘c’, ‘e’, ‘f’, ‘k’, ‘r’ and ‘u’. I heard insults ranging from personal abuses to doubts regarding my conception. It seemed funny. I knew I was hallucinating and yet, I wanted it to go on. I wanted to listen to them and some part of me told me I deserved it.  I didn’t want to intervene.

The reason? That was the one thing that was eluding me and they came to that soon enough.

The delete and backspace keys began attacking me again with a renewed frenzy. They said how I typed pages and pages of nonsense everyday and in the end completely erased them without any second thought. Delete went on to say about how it felt violated and how I didn’t have the courtesy to write something decent, worth posting at least once a month.

And thus it dawned on me that the keys too were pissed about me writing draft after draft without any substance and erasing them in the end. I thanked the stars that they didn’t have a union or something. I decided to put an end to it today.

How I know which key was saying what remains a mystery even to me. I decided to put all this crap behind me and write something.

my keyboard

I wrote it too and curse the devil, it sucked. There was nothing surprising about that. But this time I was careful. I didn’t use either the delete or backspace key. I selected it all with the mouse  clicked the cut button and closed the file without saving it.

(I just hope I don’t piss off the other keyboards…)

other keyboard

So till I write again…ciao ciao.


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