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What’s your excuse?

In Singaara Chennai!, Uncategorized on October 27, 2011 at 9:10 pm

I am a bag.

If you’ve got enough time to wonder how a bag can think and articulate it’s feelings through a blog-post it means you’ve got time to waste and it wouldn’t do you any harm if you go on reading this.

I belong to the owner of this site. Yes that same retard who thought beginning every post with “Hello random reader” and ending it with “So till I write again, ciao ciao..” was cool. This one fact alone should give you an idea of how sad my life has been since I was brought by him on that fateful day.

You see, when I was made, the hundreds of people who were involved in my making gave their best to make sure I was a top notch product with great beauty and quality. You wouldn’t know that about me if you saw me in the corner now, all soiled and worn out. They say everything has a purpose. If this were my intended purpose, it is some cruel joke.

I had high hopes as regards to who should own me. Some hot chick with a great sense of fashion who wears clothes, shoes and even underwear that complements me. Some woman who hugs me tightly to her bosom and gently rests her head on me as she is thinking distant thoughts while riding a chauffeured car. Sigh..I could go on and on.

But what did I get? A sweaty smelly fuck who takes a crowded bus for the first third of his journey. Then from there I am  mercilessly dragged along into the second class compartment of a train for the second one-third and finally a share auto all filled with other disgusting shits like the owner himself. Life is so middle class and I hate it.

When I was bought, I overheard him saying to the shopkeeper, a sleek bag with lots of capacity and space even for a laptop. Even though I hated him, I thought that he might at least use me to my maximum potential. I envisaged myself as a lifesaver. Something that could hold anything and everything a person would need. Laptop he said…hahaha…

All I am used to carry now though is a tupperware lunch box and an empty notepad. The ones they used to make back in the day, with good old paper and cardboard. I guess it would hurt his ego to just carry the lunch box alone you see.

The saddest and in someways the scariest fact though is that it has been 3 months since this pathetic excuse for an existence of mine began and I am getting used to this. It wouldn’t be too far off the mark if I were to say that I am mildly beginning to enjoy it even.

Where the fuck has the inspiration gone? And when that question struck me, I needed to rant it out to someone. Am I destined to spend the rest of my days until I am torn and thrown away chained to this kind of life? Where are those visions of greatness with which in mind I was created.

Sigh…And to those of you who expected some logic or purpose or sense in this post, first search for it your life. Also, I am a fucking bag. What’s your excuse?