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I hate Titles

In Uncategorized on July 28, 2012 at 6:00 pm

It has been a while hasn’t it? I had this notion that not blogging for a while and then coming back to post after a long time would be analogous to embracing that lover you have in a far off land after a very long time. It is quite disappointing to note that posting again is nothing like that analogy. For starters, there are no embraces or lovers involved. But that said, blogging without any sense or purpose does rekindle some fond memories deep inside of me. It is slowly reminding me of my talent to string word-after-word together without making any sense at all. Like I have managed to do so far. Now that I have let that slip, it is going to become impossible to pull it off further. Therefore, I better contrive to make sense as we plough further along the post.

The last time I wrote something here, I was an IT engineer in Chennai. Now, I am in Gurgaon, studying MBA (it’s just a diploma, but MBA sounds more fancy), to most probably end up as the guy I was cursing during my stint as the aforementioned engineer. The universe does work in mysterious ways. There is one more tidbit which the world needs to know. By world, of course, I mean that one poor soul who is right now staring at the screen and thinking “Why am I not watching porn instead?” It would be a gross injustice to this epitome of patience and tolerance if I hide the fact that it has been almost 5 months now since I’ve quit smoking. The name of the blog now means actually what it was intended to mean.

So coming back to actual reasons for not posting, I got this weird idea that I needed to read a lot more. Devour books like some hungry book monster before I ever wrote again. I wanted to actually write. And I did write quite a large number of stories in between. They were all brilliant. Only, I could never complete them. I got stuck and they are in the drafts area. Also, somewhere down the line, I started becoming conscious of myself as a writer. An outrageous overestimation. I, who had never given a flying what-you-call-that-doing-it-with-a-woman, actually began thinking what people will think of me if I published a particular post. And also, I wanted to write only stories. While there was so much more to write about. Especially, if you like me, have mastered the art of writing without saying anything.

This post is like a comeback post. It is about time I did something about the blog. This is a reminder to the world that I am still out there. With plans of writing more. Alright, not “writing” more. I’d be insulting the writers if I called what I did writing. With plans of blogging more. And this post is just the beginning. It is not the post this blog deserves but a post it needs right now.

P.S. I also wanted to include some terms like USP or inflation or segmentation or something of the sort to prove that I am in a b-school. But the scenario has not come up  yet.