Rolled Monk

Great India

Once upon a time, long long ago, there was a cow. It was said that this cow could grant you any wish of yours. The sad part was that this cow was the possession of a very wise sage and obeyed only his commands.

7 (or wait, was it 8?) cheeky little rascals decided to steal the cow for the trivial issue of pleasing their girl friends. The cow got so pissed that it mooed for help, which was heard by the sage. He got so angry that he cursed their girlfriends to turn into ugly toads.

The dudes were amused. The curse didn’t have any effect on their girls because they were already ugly toads. This pissed the sage off further and he cursed the boys to be born on earth to a king and a river (yes you read right. a river!). And thus, began the story of Great India.

What has this got to do with me? Nothing. Absolutely nothing at all! So why did I write all this? Good Question…The answer is I am Bored. Thats the main reason I am writing this blog too.

  1. hey d article bout chennai is too good man ! keep up d good work .. 🙂

  2. thnq mysticangel!!!

  3. ur welcum.. n hey keep writin ..

  4. Enjoy Kerala man!! 😉 Good blog but un expected writeups! 😀

  5. Nice blog!

    whatsupdoc? : thnx! 🙂

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