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As I Bid farewell #2 – 2010 Tamil Cinema

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Hello random reader,

This is the post where I tell you about my top 10 films in 2010. All opinions expressed here are mine and mine only or of course Inception might have occurred.There are a few movies, critically acclaimed ones too, that have not made it into my list (I know…my list it seems). The reasons for those are very simple. They didn’t make it because:

a. They suck!

b. I haven’t seen them!

c. They suck!

10. Aayirathil Oruvan

Praised by many and panned by even more, this is one movie which generated very bittersweet emotions. The sweet part included : “Wow! That is a real nice effort. It is a very novel attempt and I’d definitely want to see more movies like this.” The bitter part consists of : “Too long. SangathTamizh. Violence. Inconsistencies in the plot…and many more. Selvaraghavan got carried away”.

But still, Aayirathil Oruvan, according to me, is a must watch film of 2010.

9. Angadi Theru

A very poignant tale of two people in love whose lives are filled with so much sorrow that it took me 3 attempts to finish this movie. A very moving movie you could call it. But jokes apart, the film is really good, with the concept of labor under tyranny and all.

The only reason I don’t favor the movie is because tragedy is a theme I am not very comfortable with. Also, since Kaadhal in 2004, a village subject has inevitably meant sadness and difficulty. This fact, after all, makes it a cliche!

8. Tamil Padam

I was mind-blown the first time I saw this movie. The second time I saw it, I realized it was very very mokka. The first Indian spoof movie (I think) and a very brilliant attempt at that. But certain standards have been set by the Legendary “Lollu Sabha” for spoofing and Tamil Padam, I’m afraid, didn’t meet those standards.

Shiva is brilliant and the heroine has vanished now (what’s her name by the way?). The song OmahaSeeya was hilarious. Apart from that, the jokes were very contrived. But if you want to forget everything and have a good laugh, Tamil Padam does not disappoint!

7. Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya

Let me make this very clear…I don’t like this movie. I love the songs. But the songs alone are not the reason why it is here. This is a very realistic attempt. The story has a more than 40% probability of happening to someone in real life.

But the portrayal of Jessie and Karthik, has been taken to the cinematic extreme. That could have been toned down. Also a great fan of the 75 year Tamil Cinema, I am not satisfied if the hero and heroine are not united in the climax. Last but not least, I felt Gautham Menon was not able to do proper justice to either Karthik’s love-life or his Career. Making it big in the movies was not so easy last time I heard. I mean, all it took was Aaromalae!

6. Goa

This was the movie I saw along with Tamil Padam. First time I saw this, I was not very impressed, but as I saw it again and again, I really liked it. Premji sizzles and the cult references in the movie was beyond awesome.

For eg., the village panchayat scenes in the beginning with the flashback. Premji’s conception, Jai’s Hindi and the “Nagirthaana Thirananaa” were all simply too good. Also, did you know that the foreigner chick that gets married in the Madurai is called Angelina Jolie? Or that the heroine’s name is Jessica Alba? Hilarious. And you Dostanatards must see this movie to find out how gay men must be portrayed. Brilliantly funny.

The only thing that kind of spoils the movie is Sneha! Why her? Why not someone else?

5. Singam

The commercial monster of the year. I was hooked right from scene one till scene N. Surya’s brings to life the character and when you have a fast-paced story (?!) with PrakashRaj as the villain and some brilliant encounters between them, you forget about the rest.

A wholesome entertainer is the Singam though I feel Vivek could have done much better.

4. Va (Quarter Cutting has been removed for all official purposes)

A very very different movie. Not because of the story or anything but because of the way it is shot, the dialogs and the portrayal of Characters.

Siva as usual sizzles as Sura and Charan was brilliant. But Prince a.k.a Pichchai and King steal the show. What acting! Also, the dialogs, though sometimes vulgar, are very natural and the director pair have crossed many-a-lines in this movie, all for good reason. And did I mention it? I fell in love with Lekha Washington! She was adorable.

The one thing that kind of bothers me about Va is the fact that it did not have a Tamil movie feel. It was kind of detached culturally, though there were certain elements that belonged only to Chennai. Enough said…I am contradicting myself.

Po, watch, Va.

3. Enthiran

I can already see the outrage on most of your faces. But tell me honestly, the second half? Seriously? I want to say only one thing about Enthiran, apart from Awesome Effort and Rajini. They have ended up with neither a Rajini Movie nor a Shankar Movie. Then again, you better go and see it. It’s a sin otherwise.

2. Boss engira Bhaskaran

I am a sucker for comedy. Especially slapstick ones. Santhanam is soon emerging as the next Goundamani.

The thing that impressed me in this movie again, was the dialogs and the timing. Arya and Santhanam make a better pair than Arya and Nayanthara. And the scene in the bank meeting where Santhanam pWns Nayanthara’s father: EPIC!! Laughed till my stomach hurt at that. The climax was a bit disappointing. Rombo mokka it was. Apart from that, this is one mega-awesome funny movie of the year and you have to see this!

1. Kalavani

What a Movie. Go see it. You will love it. Real People and Real Humor. Hats Off!

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So till Iwrite again…ciao ciao.