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What women want?

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Hello random reader,

My usual answer whenever someone asks me this question is pretty simple and straightforward. I look into their eyes and reply : “I’ll be damned if I knew the answer to that one”.

On giving the topic a little more thought I found out why nobody has been able to come up with a concrete answer yet. The reason is simple. It is the same reason I gave my mother in class 9 for doing badly in some test. The Question is Wrong!

The only person who would be able to answer this question is here and that too only at a particular instance of time for a particular person. Nobody knows what somebody wants in the long run and the male-chauvinist in me is hurt by the undue attention showered upon this wrong question. So what is the correct question? It is again simple : What, according to you, does a woman want? (let us call this my question (MQ for short) and What women want, the original question as OQ.)

This (MQ) looks just like an explicit way of stating the above question (OQ) doesn’t it? Well actually it is not. When one delves deeper into the process of trying to understand the question, the one thing that was eluding your grasp comes into the picture making it crystal clear. The OQ lacks individuality (a woman wants this, so no more women from now on) and independence (a woman wants this too).

A woman answering this (OQ) is forced to think about the wants of half the human population and thus the answers are lack-luster an appear unoriginal. A man answering the question on the other hand, thinks about things which will help him sustain his good-relationships with the women in his life, and thus most of the time the answers are fake or “too sweet”.

In the case of my rephrased question (MQ) though, a woman could cater to her own needs because, the “according to you” provides for the independence part. Most of the men, I am sure, will not change their answers however you rephrase the question and you cannot blame us too.

Also all the men want these things too. It is just sad that nobody seems to care about what men want!

So now that the question analysis is over (finally!), it is time for my answer. No! wait…not yet. Before that you should know why I am writing this shouldn’t you? There is this contest at blogadda in association with Pringoo, where they want jobless people like me to write about what women want!

My answer : For those dumb-heads who have still not understood that in my opinion a woman wants individuality and independence, read this sentence again. Another important thing which I think a woman will want is : others giving her some space and not pretending to know what she wants. So finally, I am going to finish it the way I started : I will be damned if knew the answer to that one.

So till I write again…ciao ciao.
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  1. damn… the OQ and MQ got me all confused… but yea… nobody cares about wat men want…
    and thanks for the competition link…

  2. My nerdy answer to that… It is like a very famous time travel theory. You can travel/see the future, but once you do that, and come back you will come back to a new future.

    Just like that once someone cracks the answer and let’s a women know the answer, from that moment onwards the answer will change.

  3. @joel : ur welcome! tho make sure u write sth better than mine if ur taking part! do me proud 😛

    @manyu : “my nerdy” is redundant. if its u, we know its gonna be nerdy! so from next time onwards, omit it! 😛

  4. that is soooo right! i have no clue what i want….

  5. Abimanyu’s ans. was interesting. Agree with you that nobody cares what men want, doesn’t that make us less of an attention seeking herd. What are you thoughts on that?

  6. @ shraddha haha really? read ur post for the contest too! was really awesome..all the best!

    @ theanalyst like i said, nobody cares man! it is sad…but we got to live with it whether we want attention or not!

  7. Nice post! Saw the link at the contest!

    “Also all the men want these things too. It is just sad that nobody seems to care about what men want!”
    Oh, but they do! All women care about what men want! It’s sad really, because they all want the same things, and none of them understands that!!
    whatsupdoc? : haha! actually, the fact of the matter is, nobody really can put their fingers on what they want…thats why i concluded like tht! wen one does not know what one wants, it is not correct to talk abt the want of others! is it?

  8. Nice post !

    I agree with you on the question being wrong but I think your answer holds good for men as-well. I think most people (Men and Women) would want space, individuality and independence in their life.
    abhinav: hey! thnx…of course the answer holds for men. i mentioned this too in the post…”men want all these things too..its just tht noone cares what men want”

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